Who plays Ed Austin in Halston? Sullivan Jones Age, Wiki, Networth, Girlfriend, Bio, Instagram 2021

Who plays Ed Austin in Halston? Sullivan Jones Age, Wiki, Networth, Girlfriend, Bio, Instagram 2021

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Who plays Ed Austin in Halston?  

Sullivan Jones is the highly rated acted who plays the roles of Ed Austin in the miniseries Halston. Sullivan played basketball at high school and after high school studied theater at Brown University for two years, before leaving school to more avidly pursue a career in acting.

He has since studied at San Francisco's American Conservatory Theatre and the UCLA School of Theatre, Film, and Television.

Sullivan Jones Wiki

Sullivan Jones is an American actor who has been constantly performing for over 13 years in the entertainment industry. He is especially known for his role in the movie The Surrogate, which has been highly rated and critically acclaimed. Rotten Tomatoes has provided a score of 92% for the movie.

Sullivan has also performed on Parks & Recreation and NBA 2K17 along with some voice-over works.

Sullivan has been playing guitar for almost 15 years.    

Sullivan Jones Career  

After years in regional theater, actor Sullivan Jones vaulted to a high-profile supporting role as a New York law enforcement officer in Hulu's "The Looming Tower" (2018- ) series. After majoring in theater at Brown University for two years he transferred to UCLA's School of Theater, Film and Television, where he earned both his bachelor's degree and the prestigious Art Friedman Award, given to undergraduates for television directing.  

After graduation, Sullivan Jones began performing in regional theater across the United States, winning a 2011 Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Award for his performance in a production of "Clementine in the Lower Depths.  

The following year, Jones made his feature film debut in "Love: As You Like It" (2012), a modernized version of the Shakespeare play for which his performance as Orlando received the Best Supporting Actor Award from the Indie Gathering Awards that same year.  

Guest roles in television series like "Parks and Recreation" (NBC, 2009-2015) followed, though Jones' voice was put to more extensive use in animated series like "We Bare Bears" (Cartoon Network, 2014- ) and video games like "NBA 2K17" (2K Sports, 2016).  

In 2018, Jones received his first substantive television role, playing a New York SWAT Team member helping investigate terrorism targets in the United States in "The Looming Tower," a docudrama series produced by Oscar winners Dan Futterman and Alex Gibney.  

Sullivan Jones Instagram and Social Life  

Sullivan does not have an Instagram account, a Facebook account and is not available in any platforms except Twitter. He is not active in twitter as well. In this age where celebrities are constantly flaunting their lifestyle via different medium it seems odd that Sullivan Jones doesn’t care about social media. That may be the reason why he is so critically acclaimed for his hard work and talent.      

Sullivan Jones Other works  

  • Was nominated for a 2011 Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Award for his performance in TheaterWorks' world-premiere production of Dan Dietz's play, "Clementine in the Lower 9".
  • Is a recipient of the 2011 Princess Grace Award.
  • Holds a B.A. from the UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television. Attended high school in San Francisco, CA. Born in San Rafael, CA.

Sullivan Jones Net worth

Sullivan has been in the entertainment industry for more than 13 years and has shown his talents via broadways, plays, movies and television series. He has built for himself a respectable net worth through all his work and performances. Now that he has landed another role in Halston his recognition is surely going to reach far and wide and so will his demand. We estimate his current net worth to be 200k dollars and it wont be long till he reaches the stars.  

Sullivan Jones use of technology

Sullivan Jones uses an audio recording program called Twisted Wave to record the other actors’ lines for each of his scenes. There’s no shortcut to learning lines other than drilling them ad nauseam, so by using this program, I am able to run lines anytime, in real time, without having to ask someone to read the other parts. I have found it to be one of the more efficient ways of practicing lines says Sullivan

Quick Facts and Information on Sullivan Jones

Date of Birth

Under Review


Under Review

Birth Name

Matthew Anthony Jones


United States


Bay Area



Zodiac Sign



Not known




African American


6 feet 4 inches (193 cm)

Net Worth

About 120 K

Social Media


Known for

Halston (Role: Ed Austin),
The Surrogate (Role: Aaron),
Blue Bloods (Role: Detective Davis),
The Looming Tower (Role: Floyd Bennet)

Some Facts about Sullivan Jones

Sullivan Jones Favorite Film

It’s a tie between Do The Right Thing and There Will Be Blood.  

Sullivan Jones Favorite Book

John Steinbeck’s East of Eden.  

Sullivan Jones Favorite Play and/or Musical

August Wilson’s Jitney on Broadway a few years back.

Artist/Musician He Can Have on Repeat

Different artists for different moods.  

Place Sullivan Jones Most Wants to Go to

So many places, but at the moment, Japan.  

Person Sullivan Jones most wants to meet

Frederick Douglass.  

Role that changed his life

Playing Cassius Clay in two productions of the play One Night in Miami.

Why is he actor?

It has to do with the intersection between being deeply intrigued by human beings — their collective and individual stories — and with the fact that he has almost always felt more at ease on stage than off-stage. 

What would he be doing for a career if he wasn’t an actor? 

Anything except wearing a suit or taking the same route to work every day.  

His best asset

His adaptability.

His proudest moment?

Being born. 

Favorite drink?

Iced tea

Favorite food?

Fried fish from a restaurant back in his hometown called Sol Food.

Favorite condiment?

Soy Sauce

Current obsession?


Wastes too much money on?

Internet bill.

Single greatest threat to his health

Some combination of lack of sleep, exercise, and love.

Single best trait inherited or learned from parents?

Dad: Grit. Mom: Kindness.

Single worst trait inherited or learned from parents?

Dad: Impatience. Mom: People-pleasingness.

Favorite place in the world?

The California coast.

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