Who is Kyo Ra? Wiki, Bio, Age, The Sandman

Who is Kyo Ra? Wiki, Bio, Age, The Sandman

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The little-known actress Kyo Ra makes her television debut in Netflix’s series The Sandman. Netflix revealed the details of the 12 cast members via a Tweet.

While most of the faces were recognizable, no one had ever seen this young woman who goes by the name Kyo Ra anywhere in the entertainment business.

Popular outlets reported that they didn’t know who she was and that she didn’t even have a social media account. They couldn’t find even a picture of her.

But, we here at Wikistacks bring you exclusively the details of Kyo Ra.

Kyo Ra Wiki Bio

Age 20 years
Birth Name Vanesu Shoniwa
Gender Female
Country England
Hometown London
Profession Actress, Artist
Siblings No
Relationship Single
Boyfriend No
Ethnicity African
Interest Art

Who is Kyo Ra?

Kyo Ra is just your normal girl who lives in London with her mother. Her birth name is Vanesu Shoniwa.

She seems to have picked up the name Kyo Ra along the way.

Born in Warwick and raised in Rugby until the age of ten, she has lived in many different places across the UK including; Scotland, Torquay, Coventry, and Birmingham.

Other than art some of her favorite pastimes include music, dance, writing poetry, reading all types of literature and watching anime.

She is a huge fan of anime and Korean songs. She has the most beautiful voice that can’t escape your mind once you hear it.

She has recently been cast in Netflix’s The Sandman in which she plays the role of Rose Walker. Her character in the series has been described as a young woman on a desperate search for her missing brother.

She discovers a connection to Dream that neither of them can escape. On her journey to find her missing brother, Rose is accompanied by a bodyguard, named Gilbert, who will be played by Stephen Fry.

Kyo Ra Family

While we do not at the moment know completely about this mysterious actress, we know that Kyo Ra lives with her mother in London.

We will update you with more details as soon as we find out more.

Kyo Ra Career

For those of you who do not know, The Sandman is literally Kyo Ra’s only commercial work till date. She has posted some videos of her on YouTube but apart from that she really hasn’t worked anywhere.

She is a complete artist and her skills include but are not limited to art, poetry, acting, videography and singing. She once started an Instagram Page called Bad Art company but it failed to take off.

Her art depicts sorrow or maybe she was at that moment in time in a bad place.

Kyo Ra Age Timeline

  • 192020
    Started the badart.company
  • 212021
    Got cast in Netflix's The Sandman as Rose Walker.

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