What happened on the view between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain today?

What happened on the view between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain today?

Written by cara | Updated a year ago

Today's episode of the View had a discussion about the way Putin and Biden tackled through tough questions from the reporters. Joy accused Putin of whataboutism , and then while discussing about Biden, Joy immediately launched into comparisons about Donald Trump.

Meghan then makes a valid point that it is not intellectually honest to be critical of Trump but give Biden a pass, which the panel and much of the media absolutely has been. It was nice to agree with her and not the rest of the panel for once.

Then Whoopi makes an equally valid point that Biden has apologized when Trump never has, and Meghan decided it was a great time to throw a tantrum. Whoopi was making a very intellectually honest point !

Every member of the panel has earned their spot through a long and prolific career and Meghan is not doing herself any favors by defaulting to the spoiled rich kid every time she feels challenged.

The viewers were shocked when Meghan yelled at Whoopi. Usually, Whoopi is where she draws the line so that left the viewers wondering what went down in the pre-show meeting to make Meghan snap.

Many of the viewers are calling for Meghan to be taken off the show and some even speculate that she will leave at the end of the season. She looked miserable for the rest of the show after the incident.

I will be shocked if her contract gets renewed. I used to watch because of her. Now I don't watch because of her. The eye-rolling, name calling, it's awful. I though somethings would soften her, and nothing does said one viewer.

The majority of the backlash Meghan gets is not due to her "view" regardless of whether it's right or wrong. It is because of how entitled she acted. Almost all of the conflict on the show started when Meghan tried to butt in when other hosts voice their opinion, after the fact that she's got her own time to express her voice uninterrupted.

She gets pissed off when other hosts try to talk while she is talking but does the same when others are giving their view.

So will Meghan leave the show or get fired? All the drama is certainly good for ratings so at the moment we will have to get used to it.

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