Phillip Mullings Jr Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Mother, First Kill

Phillip Mullings Jr Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Girlfriend, Mother, First Kill

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Phillip Mullings Jr is an actor known for American Work, Chad and Bruh. He has recently been cast in the Netflix’s teen vampire drama First Kill.

Phillip Mullings Jr Wiki Bio

Age 26 years
Birthday October 7th 1994
Zodiac Libra
Birth Name Phillip Mullings Jr.
Gender Male
Country America
Hometown Florida
Current Address Los Angeles, California
Profession Actor
Relationship In a relationship
Girlfriend Alyssa Nena Goss
Ethnicity African American
Education University of Central Florida
Net Worth $70,000
Mother Carla Mullings
Father Phillip Mullings Sr.
Siblings 2 brothers

Phillip Mullings Jr Age & Birthday

Phillip Mullings Jr was born on 7th October 1994 and is currently 26 years of age. He was born and raised in Manassas, Virginia by his mother Carla Mullings and father Phillip Mullings Sr.

Phillip Mullings Jr Family

Phillip’s mom and my dad met when they were both in the military. They're divorced, so his dad wasn't around a lot when he was a kid.

He didn’t see his parents in the same room more than twice as an adolescent, so he learned through that what he didn’t want for his own love life, which he thinks is just as powerful.

He knew that he wanted a partner for life, but he looked at marriage in a jaded way growing up. As his parents got older, they were able to grow within themselves, explore their hurt and find ways to communicate with each other. It just took time, and Phillip admires them for that.

Phillip’s mother has remarried to Dwayne Brown Sr who had 2 kids and although Phillip grew up as a single child, he now has two brothers. They all seem like a big happy family who are really there for each other.

Phillip Mullings Mother

Growing up and moving from place to place, there were only so many things that were familiar and comforting. Other than his mother, who was the only constant in his life, there was also their weekly time spent going to the movies.

Any time he didn't want to be doing something, he would think about just watching or studying movies. He was also into sports and was convinced he was going to the NFL.

Phillip Mullings Jr Girlfriend

Our talented actor Phillip Mullings is in a relationship with a fellow actor Alyssa Nena Goss. The two have been in a relationship since 7th March 2020.

You are my blessing. Today marks the end of a crazy streak 24/7, 349 days straight together. I thank God for you. You challenge me daily, sometimes whether I’m ready for it or not. You make me a better man & I will continue being better with you by my side. I love you. For better or worse it’s you & me.

Alyssa Nena Goss is also an actor from Ann Arbor, Michigan. She attended America's oldest historically Black college for women, Spelman College in Atlanta, Georgia, before taking a student sabbatical to live in Munich, Germany.

After returning to America, she relocated to Los Angeles to pursue acting full time. She is a performing member of the 2016 ABC Discovers: Los Angeles Talent Showcase.

Phillip Mullings Jr Career

Phillip Mullings went to college to become a computer scientist and thought he would work for Pixar. Six weeks in, he told his mother he didn’t think college was for him.

It was a tough conversation because his mom has four degrees and education is a big thing for her. But she told him if he was passionate about it and could set out a plan of attack, she’d help him in any way she could.

And thus started his acting career. He has a long list of acting roles but most of them are minute roles. His major roles came in form of Patrick Lorraine in the TV Series American Soul.

He then went on to play another major role in Bruh where he played the role of Mike Alexander. This was followed by another TV Series titled Chad in which he played the role of Ikrimah.

Phillip Mullings in First Kill

Phillip Mullings plays the role of Theo in First Kill. He is part of the Burns family along with Jason Robert Moore as Jack, Dominic Goodman as Apollo, and Aubin Wise as Talia.

Phillip Mullins Age Timeline

  • 11994
    Phillip Mullings was born on 7th October 1994.
  • 162011
    At the age of 16, Phillip Mullings graduated from Riverview High School.
  • 202015
    At the age of 20, Phillip Mullings graduated from University of Central Florida.
  • 252020
    At the age of 25, Phillip Mullings got cast in Bruh as Mike Alexander.
  • 262021
    At the age of 26, Phillip Mullings got cast in Netflix's First Kill as Theo and as Ikrimah in Chad.


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