Miku Martineau Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Ethnicity, Father, Mother, Nationality, Kate

Miku Martineau Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Ethnicity, Father, Mother, Nationality, Kate

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Miku Martineau is a Canadian actress who has been cast as Ani in the Netflix movie Kate.

Miku Martineau Age, Birthday

Miku Martineau was born on 14th September 2004 in Toronto, Canada. She was born and raised in Toronto along with her brother Kai Martineau. She was born to Peter Martineau (father) and Kumiko Martineau (Mother).

Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.


Miku Martineau Family

Miku Martineau’s mother was a Japanese who was from Bunkyo which is a ward in Tokyo. She moved to Canada where she met Miku’s father Peter.

Miku Martineau Ethnicity, Family
Miku with her brother Kai

Miku also has an older brother named Kai who was born on 15th February, 2003.

Miku Martineau Career

Miku Martineau was trained in Talent INC Canada which is located in Toronto, Canada. She was interested in acting since a young age which is reflected in her photos from young age in which she does various plays.

Miku Martineau Career
CONGRATULATIONS, Miku Martineau on her booking 3 ROLES in 2 different Animated TV Series! WOW! Miku is represented by the incredible team at Premier Artsists' after meeting them at our annual showcase for actors. We are so thrilled for you, Miku and cannot wait to hear what you get up to next!
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She landed few voice-over jobs in animated series before getting a role in Netflix’s Kate. This surely is a huge step for the young actress but the only way she can go is up.


Miku Martineau Age Timeline

  • 12004
    Miku Martineau was born on 14th September, 2004 in Toronto, Canada.
  • 122016
    At the tender age of 12, Miku got a role of Voice Actor in Carl's Car Wash an animated television series where is gave voice to Lina.
  • 152020
    When she was 15, Miku gave voice to Chloe in Finny the Shark, another animated series.
  • 162021
    Miku Marineau at the age of 16 was cast in Netflix's Kate.

Miku Martineau on Netflix’s Kate

Miku plays the role of Ani in the Netflix movie Kate. 'Kate' is the first action film starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Kate, a cruel criminal who is irreversibly poisoned and has just under 24 hours to live. In this short space of time, she goes after her murderer and his enemies, seeking revenge, through the streets of Tokyo. This journey, however, is not only made up of violence, as Kate ends up creating an unexpected bond with Ani (Miku Patricia Martineau), the daughter of one of her victims.

Miku Martineau Beachers Cafe

The Beacher cafe is a landmark eatery located in the beach of Toronto serving amazing breakfast lunch, dinner and daily specials since 1986 which is run by Miku’s family.

Peter and Kumiko Martineau took over the Beacher cafe in 1999. What started as a four table cafe back in 1986 is now a 95 indoor 45 outdoor amazing landmark location.

Miku’s parents met for the first time in the restaurant.

“I was a student visiting Canada from Japan,” says Kumiko,” I walked into the restaurant and Peter served my friends and me.”

Peter also remembers that day; he even remembers the table where they sat, “table 61”.

As Peter recalls, he certainly didn’t make an impression as a waiter on Kumiko. Accustomed to a much more formal approach in Japan, Kumiko was shocked at how Peter chatted so casually and stopped to greet other customers.

“She thought I was a very bad waiter, and told me so!”

Although Kumiko returned to Japan to finish school, she came back a year later to marry Peter. Today, they both continue to work at the restaurant, and have two children. Their son Kai often is seen working at the family business.

Miku Martineau Wiki Bio

Real Name Miku Patricia Martineau
Miku Martineau Age 16 years
Miku Martineau Birthday 14th September, 2004
Gender Female
Country Canada
Location Toronto
Relationship Single
Boyfriend No
Profession Actor
Training Talent Inc Canada
Known for Kate, Finny the shark, Carl's Car Wash
Mother Kumiko Martineau
Father Peter Martineau
Brother Kai Martineau


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