Ava Harren Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Bodybuilding Hell’s Kitchen

Ava Harren Wiki, Bio, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Bodybuilding Hell’s Kitchen

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25-year-old Ava Harren is one of the contestants of Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns Season 20. She is part of Team Red and the first contestant from Alaska.

Ava Harren Wiki

Age 25 years
Birthday 12th February, 1996
Birth Name Ava Harren
Zodiac Aquarius
Gender Female
Country United States
Hometown Anchorage, Alaska
Current Address Boise, Idhao
Profession Chef
Siblings 4 others
Works at Avaflava
Relationship In a relationship
Boyfriend Karan Singh
Children No
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Education Culinary School
Interest Bodybuilding
Net Worth About 170 k

Ava Harren Age Timeline

  • 192014
    Studied at University of Alaska
  • 232019
    She went full time on her own business Avaflava.
  • 252021
    Contestant of Hell's Kitchen: Young Guns Season 20 and part of Red Team

Ava Harren Age, Birthday

25-year-old Ava was born on 12th February 1996. However, even some popular sites are reporting her age to be 22 years. You must be wondering what is going on !!

Well the filming for Hell's Kitchen season 20 began on April 2018 and at that time Ava was 22 years old.

However, Ava Harren is 25 years old as of date.

Ava Harren Family, Boyfriend

Ava was the middle child with 4 other brothers and sisters. She grew up as a part of a huge family and naturally whatever she cooked disappeared very fast.

Ava is currently in a relationship with Karan Singh. The couple started dating since a long time and have even gone on a trip to India. 4 months into dating, Karan asked if Ava wanted to take a trip with him back home to India.

Ava was dead broke at that time and growing her business and she had to sell her stock to be able to afford the trip. But without hesitation she said YES!!!

Ava Harren in Hell’s Kitchen

Fox recently announced the name list of the 18 participants participating in the Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns season 20. To be eligible to appear in Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns, the participants have to be 24 years or else at the time of filming.

Since the filming took place more than two years back don't be surprised when you guys discover that most of the contestants are over 24 years as of now.

Ava Harren Career

Ava decided  to go to culinary school because she would feel so much more fulfilled in life making a living off something that gets her excited to do, COOK!

Our beautiful chef has done two NPC bikini shows and has aslo competed in Alaska's famed Seward Mt. Marathon for the past 7 years.

She is currently training for a WBFF show! She is the owner of avaflavas.com.

Ava Harren Net worth

Ava Harren is not just a chef but also a glamorous model. She has participated in several body building competitions and bikini shows.

Her website avaflavas.com has been gaining momentum and we estimate her net worth to be 170,000 dollars at this point in time.

However, now that she has appeared in Hell’s Kitchen that number sure is going to increase exponentially.


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