Andreamerccc Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Relationship, Ethnicity, OnlyFans, Net Worth

Andreamerccc Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Relationship, Ethnicity, OnlyFans, Net Worth

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Andreamerccc is a social media Influencer which huge fan followings in TikTok, Instagram and OnlyFans.


Andreamerccc Age, Birthday

Andreamerccc whose real name is Andrea Lizzette Mercado was born on 31st August 1999 in Lerado, Texas. She was born and raised in Texas along with her younger brother Andrew Mercado. She was born to Manuel Mercado (father) and Jessica Verdiguel.

Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.

andreamerccc Birthday, Age
So it's my birthday and Audrey goes to my house to get ready to go for dinner and she ends up breaking my foundation!! Just a after she did the best surprise anyone has ever done for me she BREAKS MY FOUNDATION💔😭 still love you though😢❤️


Andreamerccc Family

Andrea’s younger brother celebrates his birthday on 27th September and is only 7 years old as of now. Her father and mother are separated and their divorce proceedings where especially tough on Andrea who has stated:

It's pathetic to have a mother like you! You can't even let your own daughter or my dad see my brother. It's sad to who you've become but everything comes back. Life without you has been great. You always told me that I was going to need a mother but you forgot how old I am and have many women around me to help me along the way. You weren't like this before and I don't know what got into you. But it's time to get your head out of you’re a** and see that its reality not a game so stop trying to play games here.

In response to this her father stated

I am sorry for what you going through mija(daughter). I love you so much an although I am never home because of work you have great friends and family that surround you an ill always be here ok and I know how you feel but she is your mother and done mistakes like I have I just hope she see we miss him an never stop looking for him don’t worry all this will turn out good it will take time ok mamas.


Andreamerccc Age Timeline

  • 11999
    andreamerccc was born on 18th August 1999 to Manuel Mercado and Jessica Verdiguel in Lerado, Texas
  • 182018
    At the age of 18, Andrea was in relationship with Marvin Martinez.
  • 202020
    andreamerccc graduated from Northwest Vista College at the age of 20.

Andreamerccc Education

Andreamerccc completed her high school from United South High School and was into soft ball at that time. She made a post urging her teammates to stop thinking about boys or anything else except softball.

It's not time to think about Boys or anything else but softball. We have been working so hard to be the best in Laredo and so on. We are so close to high school so that we can be scouted by our future universities. All that time in the sun in going to pay off because we are just getting Better and stronger. It's time to think about winning a tournament. All of us need to start going to practice every time because you never know when someone is scouting u. We have to try our 100% in every practice, tournament, and game. We have so much talent to just waste it in boys and bad people that may want to detract you. We have been working so hard since we were little just to be one of the best players. Let's make a promise that we won't get distracted by anything or anyone and keep focus in our careers!!!!!! Our goal is to make it to the USA OLYMPIC SOFTBALL TEAM and win a GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!! Let’s keep our promise!!!!!!! We are so close girls let’s get our head in the GAME!!!!!!! Nothing is stopping us from becoming works champs and following our dreams. I care so much about you girls just to waste your wonderful talent.



The Softball team went on to win the ACA National Championship the very next year.

Andrea then went to Northwest Vista College for her further studies.


Andreamerccc Relationship/ Boyfriend

During her college days Andreamerccc was in relationship with Marvin Martinez. We do not know whether or not Marvin is still her boyfriend.

Andreamerccc Networth

Andreamerccc has a massive followers on all social media platforms. In her OnlyFans accounts the rate for custom content is $150 and other rates are stated $20. Her income is massive just from her OnlyFans accounts.

We estimate her net worth to be $90,000 right now. However, Andrea is just getting started and her net worth is estimated to rise substantially in the coming days.

Andreamerccc Quick Wiki Bio

Real NameAndrea Lizzette Mercado
Andreamerccc Age21 years
Andreamerccc Birthday31st August
CountryUnited States
HometownSan Antonio, Texas
RelationshipIn a relationship
BoyfriendMarvin Martinez
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer
UniversityNorthwest Vista College
Net Worth$80,000
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter, Facebook
FatherManuel Mercado
MotherJessica Verdiguel
SiblingsA brother- Andrew Mercado
High SchoolUnited South High School


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